Wrapping It Up

So we are very close to the closing show! I can't beleive it! It feels like Will just auditioned yesterday. He is seriously having the experience of a lifetime. I have to tell you...so many wonderful experinences, too many wonderful experiences that it is hard to document it all!

Mom: Will, what has been going on at Oliver these days?
Will: Lots of stuff.
Mom: Like what?
Will: I went to Marathon Grill with all of the kids.
Mom: What is Marathon Grill?
Will: It's a restaraunt that has good food like Banana French Toast and Chocolate Moose.
Mom: Do you like going there?
Will: yeah
Mom: Did the theatre do anything special for the holidays?
Will: No, well we all got a Visa gift card. We were on television on Chrsitmas Day singing Food Glorious Food.
Mom: Well, that is special.
Mom: What about during the big snow storm. Was there still shows?
Will: Yes, but there was not a lot of people there. At one show there was only 142 people there and the theatre has 1000 seats!
Mom: How did it feel to perform for a small audience?
Will: The same. The audience still looked the same from the stage.
Mom: What have you and your friends been up to?
Will: Playing DS Download on our DS's.
Mom: Tell me about some of your friends.
Will: They are funny...like Alex and Favian.
Mom: Who do you think you play with the most?
Will: Justin, Alex, Favian, Reese and Tyler
Mom: When do you have time to do all of the playing?
Will: During the second act because we aren't in any of the second act. Only the kids in "Who Will Buy" and Oliver and Dodger are in the second act.
Mom: Have a lot of people come to see you in the play?
Will: Yes, some people I don't even know came!
Mom: Didn't Reese share some cool news with you?
Will: Yes, he auditioned for the National tour of Beauty and the Beast and got the part of Chip.
Mom: What does National tour mean?
Will: It means he will go all around the country doing the play.
Mom: We'll have to try to go and see it.
Mom: What has been the best thing about being in Oliver so far?
Will: Doing all of ther performances.
Mom: You mean to tell me you don't get tired on the weekends when you have to do 5 performances?
Will: Nope
Mom: You know next week is the last weekend!
Will: NOOOOO!!
Mom: Are you going to miss it?
Will: Yes, and I still don't know if we are going to have a Last Night party like we had an Opening Night party.
Mom: How is Buddy the Dog?
Will: Good. They made T Shirts with a picture of him on it and sell them at the gift shop.
Mom: Who is your favorite adult actor in the play?
Will: Hugh...he plays Fagan.
Mom: Why Hugh?
Will: Because we spend the most time with him in the show, and he is really fun to act with, and he hangs out with us in the Green Room sometimes.
Mom: What's going to happen when it is all over next week?
Will: Ummm...I don't know. Wait...ummm.. we are probably going to have a party. I will be sad because I really like doing the shows.
Mom: Would you want to be in another big show?
Will: Yes!


Anonymous said...

Will, I am so proud of you doing all of your performances except one time when you were really sick. I'm glad you enjoyed everything because it shows what a hard worker you are. Everything was fun for you cause it was what you wanted to do. Remember, Broadway is only 90 miles from Barry Road. I know you'll get there someday.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Will! We loved reading your blog about Oliver! Enjoy the final weekend - we hope you have a big party to celebrate your success! Let us know when your next big production is...we would love to see you! Congratulations! Love, Norma, Scott, Jack & Jason (CT)

Abby said...


Right now you are performing your very last show of Oliver! I am super happy for you and ridiculously proud of what you have accomplished! Watching you on that big stage was a joy and I can really see just how much you enjoy the stage! Keep up the good work and continue to reach for and follow your dreams. Remember if you put your heart and mind toward what you want, you can get it.

Congrats on such an awesome performance!

I love you lots bud!


kaylee154 said...


I just wanted to let you know that I have completely enjoyed getting to know you these past few months. You are such a talented, well behaved, amazing young man who has a bright future ahead of him. Being the youngest of all those crazy boys (and girls!) couldn't have been very easy for you, but you never once let your age hold you back, or keep you from fitting in and making some great friends. Reese and I enjoyed reading your blog so much that you inspired Reese to start one for his tour. I hope our paths cross again soon and you'll have to keep us updated on your future plans! You're an amazing little boy who has a terrific acting future ahead of him! Tell your family we wish them the best and hope to see you soon! Stay awesome little dude!
PS: Thanks for the big bear hug today....even if I did have to bribe you with some peanut M&M's!!
~Karen (and Reese)

kaylee154 said...


I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it's been getting to know you over the past few months. You are one amazing, talented, well behaved little guy. Being the youngest in the group couldn't have been very easy for you, but you never let it slow you down or keep you from fitting right in! You definetly have a terrific future ahead of you and I'm sure you will continue rockin' it on stage! Reese and I have enjoyed your blog so much that it's inspired Reese to start a blog for his upcoming tour!
Please keep in touch with us and make sure to keep us updated on your future endevors! Hopefully one day our paths will cross again! Tell your family that we said "Hi" and wish you all the best! Stay the awesome little dude that you are!!
~Karen (and Reese too!)
PS... Thanks for the big bear hug today, it was totally worth the peanut M&M's I had to bribe you with =)