The Show Must Go On

So although Philadelphia had a blizard yesterday, Oliver performances went on as scheduled! We were told at the parent meeting a while back, that the Walnut Street Theatre has never canceled a performance.The theatre booked hotel rooms for all of the children and their families downtown for Friday night and Saturday night so that they would not miss any performances. Art spent the day down there with Will. For dinner lots of the kids and their families went together to the Marathon Grill, and then walked to Washington Square Park at 6th and Walnut to enjoy the snow...and have a little fun! Thanks to a parent for taking these pics!

Washington Square Park

So pretty...

Fitting in some fun between shows!

Yes, that is Will with NO gloves! YIKES!!

These kids are having the time of their life!!

The snow was really coming down...it didn't bother the kids one bit!!

Posing for another picture before going back in to do another show!


Anonymous said...

Hey Will, I saw you and your buddies having fun in the snow between performances. The snow and you guys look real good. The pictures of the park make all the snow seem worthwhile. Now, On with the show...
Love ya Will

Sue Gerenstein said...

Hey, Will, that is pretty cool that you peformed the show even in the blizzard! Sidona and I really loved Oliver, and she thought you were the very best orphan. She could spot you every time because she said you were the smallest. I loved it when you were dancing and singing on the table. Excellent! Enjoy the rest of your shows,
Ms. Sue and Sidona

Mom said...

These pictures are my favorite so far! You look so happy. I can tell that you are loving every minute of this experience. We are all so happy that you are enjoying this!
Love you Will!