Fun Day

WOW! Can't believe this is already Will's third day of practice. I got to drop him off today. I got to see where the children hang out until they are needed and called. I gotta tell ya, it seemed like it could be a little boring when they aren't doing anything, so now I understand why Will described it like that on his first day.

Mom: Day three Will...what did you think?
Will: I think today was really, really. really fun!
Mom: Why?
Will: Because we learned the WHOLE dance of Food Glorious Food. We already knew the song so today we did the whole entire dance.
Mom: Where did you practice it?
Will: In the room that I danced in for the auditions.
Mom: Do all of the kids practice at once?
Will: The Green Team goes at once, and then the Blue Team goes at once.
Mom: What do you do when the blue team is practicing, since you are in the Green Team?
Will: We sit next to where the blue team is dancing and watch.
Mom: What did you do on your breaks?
Will: I ate the snacks that were in my lunch bag. All of our breaks today were only 5 or 10 minutes. I didn't have time to play.
Mom: So, now that you've been with the kids for three days, what do you think of them?
Will: I think they are fun to play with. Most of them are nice, but one girl was mean to me.
Mom: What did she do that was mean?
Will: When the piano player told us to practice singing "Food Glorious Food" on our own, I was singing it and she said," Can you stop singing." And she didn't even say please!
Mom: What did you say?
Will: I said," No." And I kept on singing.
Mom: What did she do then?
Will: She didn't care.
Mom: But all of the other kids have been nice?
Will: Yes.
Mom: Did anything else happen that you want to tell me about?
Will: Yeah, Dad asked Miss Kate if we are getting out of practice early on Halloween.
Mom: And what did she say?
Will: She said No.
Mom: WHOA!!!They aren't letting you out early to go Trick or Treating?????
Will: No. Mom... Hope, Molly and Lucy are going to have more candy than me aren't they?

Come on!!! No early dismissal for Trick or Treating????


Abby said...

Wait...he has to go to practice on a SATURDAY?!?!?!

and they won't let him out - cousin Abby will take care of the candy issue - no worries Will!

super proud of you! and wow - you know the WHOLE song already - way to go!

Backstage with Mom and Will said...

They have practice every day of the week, except Monday. Saturdays and Sunday the practices are longer ones too! I feel bad for all of the little kids about HAlloween!!That stinks right???

lisa {milkshake} said...

That is not fair about Halloween. They're little kids!
I love the interaction between him and the girl. Funny!

Anonymous said...

Hi Will,
I am so proud of you that you are going to be in the play OLIVER. I can't wait to see you on stage. I am actually going to know someone in the play, it is going to be so exciting to watch.

I think that they should make you come in earlier on Halloween so you can leave earlier, what do you think? Or they should have a hughe Halloween party for all of the kids and give them lots and lots of candy to make up for it. Good Luck.... Love, Richelle Huston

Anonymous said...

Will, I kinow you are enjoying practice since you have always loved to sing and dance since you were Lucy's size.
Sometimes, when you are a performer in an BIG Musical in a theatre, you have to give up things...Hope, Molly & Lucy will share their candy with you, but you are on your way to stardom, and sometimes you have to give up other things...
Love you,

Backstage with Mom and Will said...

Yep...the Halloween thing stinks. The kicker is, his school has a big Halloween PArade in the school yard, and they have little parties in their classrooms, but he won't be at school when they do it because he will have to leave early to get to rehearsal on time! Believe it or not...he doesn't seem to upset about the missing Trick or Treating. He is concerned about not getting a lot of candy!