Week 2

Will had his first day off yesterday, after rehearsing 5 days straight. Monday is always their day off... it has something to do with the Actor's Union for the actor's that are part of it. He seems to be  really be liking it. He is definitely learning a lot!

Mom: Week 2 Will...what do you think?
Will: I think it is fun.
Mom: What have you been doing at the practices?
Will: "It's a Fine Life," "Pick a Pocket or Two" and "Consider Yourself." That's it.
Mom: What about "Food, Glorious Food?"
Will: Umm... no...we have that down.
Mom: Do you do anything special in any of the new songs that you are working on?
Will: Yeah, at the end of "Pick a Pocket or Two" Fagan says, "Put all the stuff back in the box."
Mom: What stuff?
Will: All of the stuff that we picked out of peoples pockets.
Mom: Oh, ok, go ahead.
Will: Then I pretend to put the coin in the box but really I didn't. But then I walk over to another boy and show him that I didn't put it in and whisper," Hey, I still have it."
Mom: Then what?
Will: Then Fagan says,"ALL OF THEM" because he knows that I still have the coin. So I really put it back in the box this time and Fagan picks me up by my hips and says," What a crook!"
Mom: Is that a funny part?
Will: Yes!
Mom: Do you do anything else special in other songs?
Will: I am a horse in "Consider Yourself."
Mom: Did you get fitted for your costume yet?
Will: No, only my shoes.
Mom: How have the other kids been? Any problems?
Will: Good...no problems.
Mom: Aren't you going to practice early tomorrow to work on something special?
Will:  Yes!!!! Tomorrow we have to go early because they have to record all of us singing "Food Glorious Food" for the Thanksgiving Day Parade. We won't really be singing at the parade...we have to lip sync on Thanksgiving.
Mom: So, do you like going to all of these practices? This is like having a real job!!
Will: Yeah, it is really, really, really fun! I like getting the paycheck.

Ahhhhhh....him telling me how much he likes it  makes ALL of our craziness getting him there and back every day TOTALLY worth it!!! Get your tickets.THis show is going to be good!


Backstage with Mom and Will said...

Hi Will! All of your work is going well, right? I can't wait to see you in the show!!!! Are you excited? I know I am! Have a good time!
Your Sister,

lisa {milkshake} said...

Is Will going to be in the parade? We'll have to look for him!

Backstage with Mom and Will said...

Yes, he is in the parade! They are performing live for television. They are being shuttled there from the Walnut Street Theater, performing and being shuttled back. Sounds easy enought right?? Let's hope is all goes as easily as it sounds!

Sandy said...

I will look for you when I watch the parade on tv! Oh guess what I did today?? This will totally crack you up. If you had been in school, it NEVER would have happened!.. I gave next weeks spelling test instead of this weeks. NO ONE NOTICED!!!! The kids did pretty will on it, considering they never studied the words!!