Week Two is Complete!!

Another week has come and gone...quickly! The rehearsals are going to start getting pretty intense this week. Thanks goodness tomorrow is Monday and he gets a day of rest!

Mom: Let's talk about Halloween first. You didn't get a chance to go Trick or Treating this year because of Oliver practice...what do you think of that???
Will:Well, at Oliver rehearsal I forgot it was even Halloween...but then I remembered it was Halloween, and I remembered that we were going to get a bunch of treats there from all of the parents...so I felt ok.
Mom: Did you get to wear your costume to practice??
Will: Some kids did, but I couldn't wear my Darth Vader costume because we weren't allowed to wear capes or masks and Darth Vader has a cape and a mask...so I couldn't wear it!
Mom: Did you get to do anything special since it was Halloween?
Will: Yeah, the director had a pizza party for us, and I had soda...don't worry, it was Sprite...that has no caffeine it. I had three pieces of pizza... 2 plain and one pepperoni.
Mom: Well, I know that you sure came home with lots of treats. Did you get to eat any of them there?
Will: No...but I got a present too.
Mom: What present?
Will: It is a flying bat. It was from Miss Kate.
Mom: What was your favorite snack that you brought home.
Will: Hope's Cookies and the Crunch Bar
Mom: So what is going on now with practicing...what are you working on? Are you one the stage yet.
Will: No  stage yet. Next week we will be on the stage. Sometimes we practice "Food Glorious Food," Pick a Pocket or Two," "It's a Fine Life," "I'd Do Anything" and the finale.
Mom: What is your favorite?
Will: The finale.
Mom: Why?
Will: It's the curtain calls. We get to sing half of "Food Glorious Food," half of "I'd Do Anything" and half of "Consider Yourself."
Mom: Do you get to bow?
Will: Yes. I bow with "Fagan's Gang."
Mom: Are you getting tired of all of the rehearsals?
Will: I like going...it is fun. I only get tired of the long rehearsals. They are coming up soon!
Mom: Do you know a lot of the kids now?
Will: I know Sam, Conrad, Tyler, Timmy, Erin, Tommy, Jahad, Alex, Gavin, Justin, Matt...
Mom: Are these all of the kids that you play with?
Will: Yep!
Mom: Who is your favorite?
Will: Tyler, Sam and Justin
Mom: What do you play?
Will: Well, I play tag, sometimes I watch Sam make cartoons on his DSI and that is about all.

Will is correct...very soon his rehearsals will go from 3-7 to pretty much ALL day. I really want to start posting some pictures...I guess I need to take few first!!

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