Another Week of Rehearsals Done!

This is Will with Miss Kate. She is the Child Coordinator that has the WONDERFUL job of watching ALL of the kids while they are at the theatre. I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT I WOULDN'T WANT HER JOB!!

This is Will with Justin. He is on the Green Team too. Will plays a lot with him during breaks and at the end of the day when they are both waiting for parents to pick them up.

This is Will and Sam ( Oliver for the Green Team), playing Nintendo DS games. They do this on their breaks a lot.

This is Will, Sam ( Oliver for the Green Team) and Neil ( orphan on the Green Team), hanging out during dinner time playing Nintendo DS.

The Blue Team has been practicing a lot. They do their first performance on Tuesday night, November 10th. The Green Team has been watching them practice.


Sandy said...

Will, I am glad to see you made many friends!!! Are you getting excited?

Tia Sarah said...

Will...I love all the pictures!! Have I told you that you and your mom make a great team!!! You are one lucky boy and she is one lucky mom..love you both!

tommy -greene team said...

Will- checking out your site , I like what i see. cant wait for friday nite!!!!

Anonymous said...

Darn it.....I've been trying to post mt commenmts from day 1. I've read everything in your interviews with your mom, and watched and listen to the private performances for me. I knew from day 1 that you could do it. You have been a star since you were a babe in arms. I love ya Will.