Aaaahhhh...Monday...Will's day off! We need it more than he does! So this past weekend Will did five performances. He was in his glory. I have never seen him happier!

Mom: This was your first weekend of performances what did you think?
Will: I think it was so, so, so fun!!
Mom: How did it feel to be up on the stage in front of all of those people?
WIll: It felt real nervous at first, but then when we go to our tables on stage I wasn't nervous anymore.
Mom: Did anything go wrong in any of your scenes this weekend?
Will: No.
Mom: After the Friday night show you had to stay later to do "Notes". What does that mean??
Will: That is when they tell us what went wrong, what we did wrong, what we need to add in, they tell us to do more reactions of we need to...they tell us what to fix! Mom, tell about the two pizza parties on Friday.
Mom: Tell me about the two pizza parties?
WIll: We had two pizza parties on Friday...one at lunch and one for dinner. We weren't allowed to leave for dinner because we needed more practice, so they got us more pizza. And we got soda too!
Mom:How are the boys that you share a dressing room with?
Will: They are really nice.
Mom: What do you do in between your scenes?
Will: We go backstage and wait in our dressing rooms. We play with our cards, play with our DS's and Game Boys.
Mom: Were you tired getting home late at night?
WIll: No, I am always wide awake.
Mom: So what has been your favorite thing about doing Oliver?
Will: I don't know.
Mom: Would you do another show?
Will: Yes.

These are pictures that I took Saturday night at the show.

Will and Daniel

Will, Favian, Reese and Alex

Will getting his "dirt" make-up on.

Will, Alex and Reese in their dressing room

Orphans lining up in the theatre preparing to start the show

Waiting to march into the theatre...Sam (Oliver), Will and Reese

Will and RJ ( Dodger) in the Green Room waiting for curtain calls

Will and Reese

Will and Justin

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