Sick Day for Will

Well, unfortunately, Will will not be performing in the 2:00 pm show today. Yesterday he did 2 shows, and as the day went on he didn't feel well. By the time Art picked him up Kate ( child coordinator) told Art that Will had started saying that his head was really hurting. They took his temperature and he had a fever! He said that his head hurt so much while he was on stage that he didn't sing, he just pretended to sing. They gave him kids Tylenol at the theatre. He woke up this morning and still was white as ghost and didn't feel well. We had to call Kate and thell her that he would not be able to perform for the 2: 00 show. WIll is so upset. We told him that if he relaxes all day maybe he can do the 8:00 show tonight. We will see! The theatre will call Will's counterpart on the blue team and hope that she can fill in for him. Get well Will!

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