Uh Oh!!!!

**This is hanging up now at the Walnut Street Theatre at the Box Office**
Can you find Will??

So Will had practice today from 3-7. He wasn't there 20 minutes and Art got a phone call on his cell phone. Ms. Kate was calling to tell us that Will had fallen down a few steps and had a bloody mouth. Needless to say, his mouth is pretty soar...his lip is a little swollen, as well as his cheek, and it hurts a little for him to talk. This interview will be short!

Mom: What happened to your mouth?
Will: I banged it.
Mom: How?
Will:  I was walking up stairs and I didn't know a stair was there and I tripped.
Mom: Was it bleeding?
Will: It was gushering. ( He means gushing!!)
Mom: When did it happen?
Will: On a ten minute break.
Mom: Who helped you?
Will: Matt's Dad.
Mom: What did he do for you?
Will:Well, he works as an EMT so he checked it out and stopped the bleeding.
Mom: Were you ok to keep practicing?
Will: Yes.
Mom: DId it affect your singing or dancing?
Will: No.
Mom: Are you practicing on the stage yet?
Will: No tomorrow we start.
Mom: Are you getting excited?
Will: Yeah.
Mom: Why?
Will: Because we are going on the stage tomorrow.
Mom: It is almost show time Will!!!
Will: I Know!

That is it for today!! Thank goodness he didn't need stitches or a trip to the emergency room!


lisa {milkshake} said...

Oh no! Sorry he got hurt, but gushering is the best word ever!

Anonymous said...

Hey Will! I hope your mouth feels better! Remember when you hit your mouth on the boardwalk in the bumper cars? Have fun and BE CAREFUL! Love you! Aunt Christine

Sandy said...

You are a trooper. I have seen your mouth first hand and all I can say is OH WOW!!! Keep up the great word. See you Monday.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I hope your are feeling better today! Keep up the great work and please ask your mom to post some pictures! Love, Norma from CT