Two More Days...

Will has two more days until his first public appearance in Oliver! Although this week is the first week of performances for an audience, this week is considered a "Preview" week. The Blue Team has done two performances so far...actually...they are on the stage right now!!!

Mom: Two more days Will, and then you are on! Are you ready?
Will: Yeah..just tomorrow and the day after that, and then it is the show!!
Mom: Do you think you've done enough practicing?
Will: Yeah, we have done a whole lot since the first day of it. It is really ,really fun there and I like making new friends.
Mom: How did the Blue Team do last night??
Will: Ms. Kate and Ms. Debbie ( stage coordinator) said that they did really good.
Mom: What did you work on today?
Will: The Green Team practiced "Pick A Pocket" for the whole day. That is all we practiced.
Mom: What is you favorite song to do in the show?
Will: "Food Glorious Food" and "Pick a Pocket." I think I am going to get a big laugh in the show. Well, me and my counter part on the Blue Team.
Mom: Why?
Will: Because Fagan ( Hugh Panaro) said we are! And Director Mark, said we are too! And at the dress rehearsal my counterpart got a REALLY big laugh!
Mom: Why? What do you do that is so funny??
Will: Fagan picks me up, and my counterpart when it is her turn, and the part is funny.
Mom: Are you ready for the Thanksgiving Day parade.
WIll: Yes, I saw the commercial for the parade...it showed a picture of Sam and Hugh Panaro...Fagan and Oliver. It said," The cast of Oliver."
Mom: Yep.... I saw the commercial too! That is going to be cool!

I don't think Will knows it yet, but the kids have to re-record "Food Glorious Food for the parade. Their first recording had too much background noise, so they need to record it again on Friday. I am getting excited for Will! I can't wait to see him. I haven't seen ANY of it yet. Get your tickets!!!They are going quickly!!!

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Sandy said...

WOW, Will!!!!!!!!!! One more day! I can't wait to see you tomorrow night!!! I hope I don't mess the spelling test up again, tomorrow......