Pround Tia Sarah!!!

Will has an Aunt, Tia Sarah, that is SUPER proud of him!! She tells everyone and anyone that will listen about him being in Oliver! I would imagine that she is driving people at work NUTS!!! A friend of hers ( at work) took Will's picture that was in the paper on Friday and created a poster for Sarah to hang up in her office. The friend is probably hoping and praying that Sarah will stop telling everyone now that she has this poster hanging up in her office! Knowing her...I doubt it!!
Here it is for everyone to see!!!!
                                      Thanks Tia Sarah for your support! Keep spreading the word!!


Sandy said...

Hahahaha, Sarah!!!! Who wouldn't be proud of this little guy and want to spread the word?! Can't wait to see you on Friday... hopefully!!!

Tia Sarah said...

Will.....I just want everyone to know how proud I am of you and how much I LOVE YOU!!!! You have made me very proud.

Cant wait until showtime!!!

stephaniebradbury said...

Greetings from the Marketing Department at the Walnut Street Theatre! I thought you would enjoy this video of the kids spontaneously singing "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.


Marketing Apprentice