The IKEA Thanksgiving Day parade

Will had to be at the Walnut Street Theatre by 7 a.m. today for the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Here is the link to see it incase you missed it!

Mom: Why did you have to be at the theatre so early?
Will: Because we had donuts, bagels and juice together, then we had to go to our dressing rooms to get into our costumes, and then went to the 6th floor to practice the dance again.
Mom: Then what?
Will: Well, the bus was there so we had to get on the bus.
Mom: When you got to the Art Museum in the bus, what did you do?
Will: We waited, and waited, and waited and waited.
Mom: In the bus you waited?
Will: Yeah.
Mom: How long do you think you waited in the bus?
Will: Probably hours!(It was an hour I think)
Mom: Then what happened?
Will: The adults with us told us to get off the bus and line up. So we did and then we performed.
Mom: What could you see while you were performing?
Will: Lots of cameras and TV's and the audience.
Mom: Did you see any floats or ballons?
Will: I saw a My Little Pony balloon, and a dog balloon.
Mom: I heard that there was a problem with the music at the beginning of your number...what was it?
Will: We started singing at the same time, but then the music started going slower and we started going faster and it started to sound like a "round".
Mom: What is a "round?"
Will: Mom...I don't know how to explain it... I can't explain it...almost like an echo.
Mom: How did it get fixed?
Will: We started going slower, and the music started going faster and that is when it got fixed.
Mom: Did you like being in th eparade?
Will: Yes.
Mom: Tell me about the special box that was delivered to the theatre for you.
Will: Oh yeah, there was a big box and inside was a happy face filled with lots of big candy. It was from Aunt Gucci.The kids thought it was really ,really cool. We couldn't eat it when I opened it because we are not allowed to eat in our costumes.
Mom: When did you eat it?
Will: Once we got back from the parade and got changed then I shared it with the kids...even the blue team...and I still have a lot left over.

Will and Reese

Will and Gregory

Tyler and Will

The cool gift from the cool Aunt Gucci

Will waiting patiently for Bobbie ( Dance Coordinator) to open it up for him. Thank Bobbie!

Collin and Will checking out what is inside!

All of the little "Pick Pockets" dreaming about eating it once they are out of costume!

Getting ready for the parade!

Green Team and Blue singing "We are all on the same couch."


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