Official Opening Night Party

Friday, November 20th was the Official Opening for the Green Team. Although they did performances last
week, those shows were considered "Previews."
The parents of the children got "comp" tickets to see their children perform during the Opening Night. Art and I got to go together to see Will perform. It was great. We were so proud of him. IT was so funny for us to watch him up there. It is still hard to beleive. Will also invited his Tia Sarah to come to his Opening Night Cast party, so she came to see the show also, along with her sister Francesca that came in for New York.
The children received some gifts from the theatre, and had a blast at the cast party. Will thought he was really cool to be at a party at Midnight!

Mom: So what did you think of the Opening Night Party?
Will: I think it was really fun...a thousand times really fun!
Mom: Was the food good?
Will: Yes, there was even Hope's Cookies...so many of them. I ate a lot of them. Daniel's Mom is Hope from Hope's Cookies. Those Hope's cookies are delicious.
Mom: What other food did they have?
Will: Tiny hot dogs, chicken wings, chicken fingers and soda. There was a bar for the adults.
Mom: What else was cool about it?
Will: We got some gifts from people.
Mom: What gift did you like the best?
Will: I don't know. That is a hard decision, but I like the stuffed dog.
Mom: What time was the party over?
Will: Well, we left really late...maybe 1 in the morning or so!
Mom: What were you doing after the show with those Oliver bickets?
Will: Getting money from people.
Mom: Money for what?
Will: To donate to the Walnut Street Theatre.
Mom: Do you like standing at the door collecting donations?
Will: Yeah, it is really fun!
Mom: Do you know that you got a special Walnut Street Theatre Pin?
Will: Yeah.
Mom: Who were your guests at the party?
Will: What party?
Mom: The opening night party Will. Who did you invite to the party as your guests?
Will: Oh, you, Dad, Tia Sarah and her sister. What was her name again?
Mom: Tia Sarah's sister is Francesca.
Mom: Fran bought you a cool gift. What was it?
Will: An Elvis CD. It is a tie between the Elvis CD and the dog for my best gift. Can you put some pictures on now?
Mom: Ok Will.

Will posing with Hugh Panero ( Fagan). You would never guess that this guy is Fagan! He looks SOOO different without the make up!

Will and Justin

Will posing with Aunt Gucci! Her picture is hanging in the Walnut Street Theatre since she performed there so much! When Will auditioned, I told him that her picture was good luck! I guess it really was!!

Will and Favian with one of their gifts from the theatre... a dog that looks like Buddy ( the dog in the show) with a ribbon arouind his neck that says Walnut Street Theatre

Daniel, Favian and Will with their dogs

Will and Buddy...check out his bow tie...he was dressed for the party in his formal wear

Green Team "Pick Pocketing" after the show

Will with us...the PROUD PARENTS!!!!

Will and his Dad

Tia Sarah and Will

Will collecting money at the door after the show...the money goes to community children's programs at the Walnut Street Theatre

Will loves holding the buckets after the shows at the door

Will and the VILLAIN ( Bill Sykes)...he is not a villain at all in real life!!!

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Backstage with Mom and Will said...

I love the oicture of you with Aunt Gucci's picture the best!!!
It is so exciting that now BOTH of you have performed on the same stage!!!
Love you Will!